Beer trends move quickly these days online reviews, articles, Facebook posts and instagram photos can often be like a tease. Photos and videos from around the globe stream straight to your phone  inducing a severe case of FOMO on the beer geeks across the island. A constant reminder that while Ireland has made a massive strides in last number of years, we are still a wee bit behind the U.S, U.K and even Nordic counters when it comes to verity, innovation and quality. Thats not to say we are not making good beer here . Their are indeed handful of breweries in Ireland that can easily hold their own with , but when it comes to innovation, trends or the “next big thing” we are indeed playing follow the leader. While are phones and tables update us on what we are missing out on all we can do is wait for the latest must have beers from overseas to arrive.  Or wait for are own breweries to brew their own version of the lasted in vogue style. 

Of course brewing beer is not all about gathering “likes” on a Facebook or instagram post. Every brewers goal is to make the best beer possible, but in a modern market place been ahead of curve is 
This is where Whiplash has managed to buck the trend in Irish beer.The Whiplash beer project was created by Alex lawes and Alan Wolf with the intention of producing beers that are on the forefront of creativity and innovation in Ireland. Everything from the artwork the naming of the beers and the brewing has been done with an eye for detail that has rarely been seen in Ireland. This attention to detail is all the more impressive when you consider Whiplash is technically a project side project , Alexs day job commands it’s own massive responsibilities as head brewer of Rye River brewing company aka Mcgargels, Crafters….?, with the Whiplash brews been squeezed in wherever possible between ryerivers already rammed schedule 

The innovation and hard work from Whiplash has not gone unnoticed with the beers lovers of Ireland. The name “Whiplash” was at the top of many a list on social media for best brewery and their session ipa Rollover IPA was a firm favourite for best beer of the year. This beer in particular beat the rest when it came to delivering a beer that was ahead of the curve . Low ABV, dry hopped to within an inch of its life and hazzy enough to satisfy any hardcore New England ipa fans. In a way Rollover IPA was the beer that put a full stop on the first chapter of the Whiplash project.

At the beginning of the story you need a way to tell your audience what to expect once you decide you want to dive in. The title and the artwork are your chance to make your first impressions and few are doing it better than Whiplash. 
 . Scaidy Porter A brew that started life as a homebrew favourite felt like Whiplash laying down a marker of intent. A bold and robust beer with layers of flavour and been a Porter it gave a gentle nod to heritage.                                                   “Surrender to the void” a Double IPA that probably broke the record in Irish brewing for dry hopping rates. The beer is named after lyrics from the Beatles beat driven song “Tomorrow never knows” the young men of Whiplash drawing influences from . “Ture love waits” a pilsner for hop lover’s. The pilsner style providing a chance showcasing the finer details required to brew such a style, there is nowhere to hide in pilsner. The name of the beer again draws from the music world a song from Radio head this time. 

First impressions are everything your product has to make an impression from the get go. And the striking graphics used on the Whiplash labels where definitely set out to impress The way you do this in beer is through your labels the typeface and artwork. Branding is often an after though for most breweries. If you can make someone reach for your beer on a shelf packed full competitors your half way to success, but to hit a home run the beer as to bed good. 

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