There are many like it, but this beer is ours

Five years ago Galway bay brewery gave us Irelands first commercially brewed double ipa , OF FOAM AND FURY
Inspired by the legendary double IPAs of the west coast of America a young brewer, Chris Treanor took the helm of Galway Bay Brewery and created for many what was five years ago and still is consider the best IPA brewed in Ireland.
We have become so accustomed now to having what seems like a never ending conveyor belt of new and brilliant beers it’s easy to forget how far the Irish beer industry has come in the Last five years.
Back then it felt as if new brewery’s where opening up weekly all over the country, but it was a tentative start for many. We were swimming in pale ale, stouts and red ale. The more adventurous trying their hand at IPAs.
OF FOAM AND FURY crashed into the Irish beer scene like a hurricane.
The combination of Simcoe, mosaic and chinhook hops combine to give a heady mix of tropical fruit and piny resin, woven into a canvas of sweet pale malt.
Brewer’s and drinkers alike had to recalibrate their tastes buds. A new standard had been set.
We now had a beer that we could proudly showcase to the rest of craft beer world and say “look we can do it too! ”
For the five year anniversary the much loved original label made a return, but this time adorning the modern craft vessels of choice the 440ml aluminium Can. And I for one hope its here to stay.
After the last few years of the mixed results of the New England IPA haze crazy, the reboot of Foam and Fury last August was a timely reminder of what a truly fantastic beer it is.

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